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1. no_image A Long Letting Go

This beautiful volume of reflections by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre is for family members and friends who are doing the life-changing work of accompanying someone on…
ISBN: 9780802873101
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2. no_image A Year of Prayer
Every Christian longs to know greater fulfillment in his or her prayer life. This book by bestselling author John MacArthur is filled with weekly inspiration…
ISBN: 9780736958653
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3. no_image A貨信徒
<span style="\&quot;line-height:" 1.6em;\"="">甚麼是「A貨信徒」? 首先別搞錯了。「A貨」不是頂級貨色的意思。 雖然大寫英文字母A給人「為首」、「優秀」的印象,但時至今日,「A貨」指的就是仿冒貨品。那麼,「A貨信徒」就是指外表像信徒,卻沒有真實信仰生命的基督徒。他們是Christian Atheist──基督徒無神論者,口說相信神,行事為人卻好像神不存在似的。他們的特徵是:相信神,但並不真正認識祂;相信神,但對於神的愛缺乏把握;相信神,但不相信祈禱的能力……在這個意義上,「A貨信徒」的「A」,就與Atheist這個詞不謀而合。


在《A貨信徒》這本書,作者格羅舍爾(Craig Groeschel)牧師要藉著個人經歷,揭破「A貨信徒」的面目。這本書要刺激你、攪擾你,從而引發你反思信仰,活出榮耀神的生命。但願我們都誠心實意地跟隨基督,作真材實料的門徒,不要作「A貨信徒」。
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ISBN: 9789622089570
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4. no_image Baptism in the Early Church
This magisterial volume is a comprehensive survey of the doctrine and practice of baptism in the first five centuries of Christian history, arranged geographically within…
ISBN: 9780802871084
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5. no_image Becoming a Woman of the Word
When you passionately read the Bible and pursue God’s Word, you uncover the truths, encouragements, and exciting revelations God has for your heart. Join loved…
ISBN: 9780736958042
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